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Westlodge Kennels
Linton Road, Great Abington, Cambridge
Cambridgeshire CB21 6AA
01223 891534

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Golden Retriever Rescue

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Rescue

The owners of Westlodge Kennels and Cattery, Marc & Iris Wheeldon, are Rehoming and Rescue Officers for the Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club.

We are asked to rehome these dogs for a number of reasons; they include: changes in family or domestic circumstances, following bereavement, the arrival of a new baby, or sometimes they are just too much of a handful for the owner. 

Approximately 50-60 Golden Retrievers require rehoming each year in our region of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire & Essex ~ and so we are constantly on the lookout for new homes.  

The dogs vary in age from the very young puppy to, sometimes, the older dog in their twilight years but all need a new home where they will be loved and cared for. 

We do our best to match all of these dogs with the requirements of our volunteer new families.


Could yours be the perfect home for a Golden Retriever?

Please take a leaflet
Please take a leaflet on our luxury dog hotel and boarding kennels at Westlodge in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Some of our rescue stories...

Dino – Rescued May 2008

Dino was just 15 months old when brought in to the rescue. He was kept at the bottom of a garden since he was a small puppy and was not accepted in the house, so he had no real idea of what living in a house was all about, and no real social skills.

When he came in to rescue, Claire Gardiner of Westlodge Kennels noticed he was walking strangely and was so concerned she took him to the vets. The Vet diagnosed a severe neurological problem and advised Claire to have Dino euthanized. Claire did not agree with the vets decision to have him put to sleep as Dino was happy, loving and was compensating for his problems quite well.

Claire has taken Dino on herself, and he now lives happily in a family environment alongside a German Shepherd and a Springer Spaniel.

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Rescue have supported Claire and Dino through his Hydrotherapy to help build his stamina and give him the best chance and quality of life as possible. Dino is now a much stronger dog and his prospects of leading a normal life having been greatly increased.

DinoDino running in the fields at Westlodge Boarding Kennels in Cambridge
Dino - rescued in May 2008 by Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Rescue

Benny – Rescued May 2008

Benny was just 2 years old when brought in to rescue. He was unfortunately part of a husband and wife break-up, and they couldn't’t keep him any more. We found him his new home, and his new owners sent us this email:

Hello Marc,
Thank you so much for making it possible for Benny to get a new home - and for that home to be ours. We feel absolutely blessed by his well-tempered character, which is exactly why we were looking for a golden retriever. They are wonderful dogs, and Benny is no exception. He was absolutely spoiled with attention yesterday and had quite a good day.

He seems to have settled in nicely and also had a very good rest through the night after a couple of long walks and a bit of playing between the rain showers. Ignoring the fact it is half-term this week, My 10 year old son Sebastian was up with me at 6am this morning ready to take Benny for a long walk in the rain. We all got completely drenched, but enjoyed every minute of it.

I have sent Benny's first picture from yesterday and we will make sure to send you more updates and pictures soon.
The Feldhams.

BennyBenny settling into his new home
Benny - rescued in May 2008 by Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Rescue

George – Rescued Jan 2008

George came in to rescue with his companion Henry. They were a pair of 10 year olds that had been virtually living in a garage for the previous 4 years before we got them out. They were not allowed in the house so ate, slept and lived in the garage.

They are now living with a lovely couple who have had rescue dogs from the club previously, and had Golden Retrievers for most of their lives. They were taken to their new homes, and walked in like they’d lived there for years! A beautiful pair of boy’s who deserved the best.

As you can see below, George is happy and settled, with his tennis ball he loves so much.

George - very proud of his new tennis ball
George - rescued in January 2008 by Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Rescue


Could you offer a caring home to a Golden Retriever?

  1. Complete our questionnaire
    The process of rehoming begins with the volunteer new family completing our questionnaire; this then gives us an idea of your circumstances and desires with regard to a golden retriever. 

  2. Being on the waiting list
    We then place you on our list until a suitable dog is offered to us; this may take some time so, please, be patient (it is important to match the right dog with the right owners, your place on the list does not reflect the time you may have to wait.)  

  3. When we find a suitable dog
    When we are offered a suitable dog, we will contact you to ensure that your circumstances have not changed and that you are still interested. 

  4. Home visit
    We will normally, at this stage, arrange to visit you in your home to discuss the way ahead.  This home visit is an opportunity for us to meet you and ensure that your home is secure and suited to the arrival of a largish, and maybe very active, dog and for you to ask us any questions you may have, especially if this is your first golden. 

  5. Meeting the dog
    The next stage is for you to meet up with the donor family and the dog and, provided all goes well, you can usually take the dog home with you at this stage.

Of course, there are some formalities to complete in the form of paperwork.  In essence, you agree to foster the dog for the remainder of its life; that is feed it and care for them.  The Club retains any Kennel Club etc paperwork and effectively retains ownership.  That only comes into play should your circumstances change and the dog needs to be rehomed again.   In all other respects, the dog is yours to enjoy.

We will always be available for help or advice, if required. 

We also ask that you make a donation to our rescue funds, for two reasons.  Firstly, this service is not without some expenses, most of which are met from our own pockets and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, we want you to be sure of the responsibility that you are undertaking.  For this reason, we ask that for a minimum donation depending on the age of the dog.

We have many helpers and advisors in all areas please remember that they are all volunteers giving their time freely for the love of the breed.

Are You Ready to Rehome a Rescued Golden Retriever?

So, the first step is you completing the questionnaire.  Please complete it and return it to the address given and we can then include you in any requests to rehome.

If you would like to download a questionnaire please go to the Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club website where you can find contact details www.easterncountiesgrc.co.uk

Should you find a dog from another source would you please lets us know so we can remove your details from our waiting lists.

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club

With our thanks and best wishes

Marc & Iris Wheeldon

Rehoming and Rescue Officers for the Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club.

We invite you to visit our boarding cattery:
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